BC Series: High-Power Right Angle Shaft Industrial Gear Unit

Item No.: BC series
Elevate your industrial capabilities with the BC Series Gear Unit. Engineered for heavy-duty applications, this right angle shaft gear unit combines robust performance with precision engineering.

BC Series: The Ultimate Solution for Heavy-Duty Industrial Applications


Introducing the BC Series, a pinnacle of gear unit technology designed for the most demanding industrial tasks. With its right angle shaft, this gear unit is your ally in achieving unparalleled efficiency and reliability.


Designed for Excellence


1、Robust and Compact Construction

Featuring hard teethface helical gear with a compact, blocking design, the BC Series gear unit ensures steady operation and a shorter manufacturing period, making it a swift solution for your industrial needs.

2、Unmatched Performance

With a torque range up to 470kNm and power capacity up to 4823KW, the BC Series stands out in heavy industrial fields like mining, petrochemical, and power generation, offering a seamless blend of power and efficiency.

3、Advanced Material and Heat Treatment

The gears, made from 20CrMnTi alloy steel, undergo rigorous tempering, cementing, and quenching to achieve hardness levels of HRC58°~62°, ensuring longevity and resilience under high loads.

Specifications Overview

  • Ratio range: 1.25~450
  • Output torque: 0.8~470kNm
  • Motor power: 2.8~4823KW
  • Installation Form: Horizontal, Vertical, Shaft installation and shrink disk installation

Product features: 
1. BC series gearbox is a right angle shaft heavy load industrial gearbox designed as hard teethface helical gear. The period of designing and manufacturing are shorter because of the blocking design. 
2. The feature is compact construction, steady running. It can bear huge road of industry, insteaded of early international standard gearbox. 
3. The material of gears is 20CrMnTi alloy steel and the hardness can reach to HRC58°~ 62° .after tempering, cementiting, quenching etc. heat treatment. All the gears are processed by accurate grinding and the precision can reach to grade 6~5. 
4. The products have been mainly used in heavy industrial fields, such as mine, petrochemical, electric power, metallurgy etc. 
Stage: 1~4 stage
Type size: 03~26

Shaft model:

 1. the "→" means the input direction of drive shaft of the working machinery.                                        
              2. E,F for special models.  


The weight of main unit:

Model BC2-01 BC2-02 BC2-03 BC2-04 BC2-05 BC2-06 BC2-07 BC2-08 BC2-09 BC2-10
Weight(KG) 65 90 140 235 360 410 615 700 1000 1156
Model BC2-11 BC2-12 BC2-13 BC2-14 BC2-15 BC2-16 BC2-17 BC2-18    
Weight(KG) 1640 1910 2365 2750 3795 4160 5320 5860    
Model BC3-03 BC3-04 BC3-05 BC3-06 BC3-07 BC3-08 BC3-09 BC3-10 BC3-11 BC3-12
Weight(KG) 130 210 325 380 550 635 890 1020 1455 1730
Model BC3-13 BC3-14 BC3-15 BC3-16 BC3-17 BC3-18 BC3-19 BC3-20 BC3-21 BC3-22
Weight(KG) 2260 2615 3540 3765 4760 5240 6050 6710 8190 8950
Model     BC4-05 BC4-06 BC4-07 BC4-08 BC4-09 BC4-10 BC4-11 BC4-12
Weight(KG)     335 385 555 655 890 1025 1485 1750
Model BC4-13 BC4-14 BC4-15 BC4-16 BC4-17 BC4-18 BC4-19 BC4-20 BC4-21 BC4-22
Weight(KG) 2280 2605 3435 3765 4460 4930 5400 6000 7350 7850

Why Choose Zhejiang Shuanglian Machinery Co(SLM)?

Since our inception in 2000,SLM dedicated ourselves to providing state-of-the-art gear motor solutions to a wide range of industries worldwide, including robotics, automation, manufacturing, and more. From a humble beginning as a small engineering workshop,  SLM has grown into a global powerhouse in gear motor technology. With a keen focus on research and development, we have pioneered many advances in gear motor design and application, helping our clients achieve unmatched precision and efficiency in their operations.Our commitment to quality, reliability, and innovation has established us as a leading name in the gear motor industry.

Our Advantage:
1、Precision Engineering
At the heart of SLM  lies our unwavering commitment to precision. Our gearmotors are designed for maximum efficiency and reliability, ensuring your operations run smoothly and without interruption.
2、Custom Solutions
We understand that every industry has unique needs. That's why we offer customized gear motor solutions tailored to your specific requirements, guaranteeing optimal performance for your application.
3、Sustainability Focus
We are dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint through innovative design and manufacturing practices. Our gearmotors are not only powerful but also designed with sustainability in mind, helping you meet your green objectives.
4、Global Reach, Local Support
With clients in over 50 countries, we pride ourselves on our global reach and local presence. Our worldwide network of support specialists ensures you receive the assistance you need, whenever you need it.




1. Who Are We?
SLM Gear Motors is a leading innovator in precision gear motor technology. Founded in 2000, we specialize in designing, manufacturing, and supplying high-quality gear motors for a wide range of applications across various industries, including automation, robotics, and manufacturing. Our dedication to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction has made us a trusted partner in the global market.

2. How Can We Guarantee Quality?
Quality is at the core of everything we do at SLM . We guarantee the highest quality of our products through:
Rigorous Testing
Each gear motor undergoes extensive testing and quality control checks to ensure reliability and performance under all conditions.

Advanced Manufacturing
We use state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and processes, along with high-quality materials, to ensure the durability and longevity of our products.

Continuous Improvement
Our commitment to research and development means we are always improving our products and processes to meet and exceed industry standards.

3. What Can You Buy From Us?
SLM offers a comprehensive range of gear motor solutions, including:
Standard Gear Motors
A wide selection of gear motors suitable for various applications and industries.

Custom Gear Motors
Tailor-made solutions designed to meet specific customer requirements, ensuring optimal performance for any application.

Precision Motion Control Solutions
Advanced solutions for precise control of movement in critical applications.

4. Why Should You Buy From Us and Not From Other Suppliers?
Choosing SLM means choosing a partner committed to your success. Our advantages include:
Customization and Flexibility
Unlike many suppliers, we specialize in providing custom solutions that precisely fit your needs.

Expertise and Innovation
With years of industry experience, our team is at the forefront of gear motor technology, continually pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Global Support Network
Our global presence ensures you receive the support and service you need, wherever you are in the world.

Sustainability Commitment
We are dedicated to sustainable practices in our design and manufacturing processes, helping you achieve your environmental goals.

5. What Services Can We Provide?
SLM  is proud to offer a wide range of services, including:
Consultation and Design
Expert advice and custom design services to develop the perfect solution for your application.

Manufacturing and Supply
High-quality production and timely delivery of your gear motor solutions, no matter where you are located.

After-Sales Support
Comprehensive after-sales service, including maintenance, repairs, and technical support, ensuring your gear motors continue to operate flawlessly.

Elevate Your Operations with SLM Gearmotors - Experience the power of innovation and quality perfected over 30 years. Discover SLM and transform your machinery today!