China geared motor

Development history
Cycloid geared motor                                 
Since 1988

――WB series micro cycloid geared motor (Alloy Aluminium)
――X series cycloid geared motor (cast iron)
We are the most early enterprise to exploit WB series micro cycloid geared motor in China, and it is the authoritative leader to establish the industry criterion of cycloid geared motor. We solve the difficult problem to accurately drill the small hole of needle teeth cover, designed cutters to continuously generating machine components and improve the precision, it controlled the noise on a excellent level.

Since 1992

――MB & DMB series variator. We develop the speed regulation ratio to 20 instead of 5.

Worm gearbox                                 
Since 1995

――Wj (RV) series Worm gearbox. We continuously improve our gearbox operation life and efficiency to meet requirements from different customers.

Helical geared motor                                 
Since 2002

――RC series helical geared motor
――KC series helical-bevel geared motor
――FC series parallel shaft helical geared motor
――SC series helical-worm geared motor
――TC series commutator

We continuously update our equipment and processes to improve precision of our helical geared motor. Our geared motors’ quality is recognized by our German customers.


Heavy duty industrial gear unit                                 
Since 2005

――HC series parallel shaft gear unit
――BC series right angle shaft gear unit


Set up R & D centre, Since 2007

Successfully develop several patent gearboxes and customized gearbox                             
Since 2011

――Special design geared motor for agitator,wood pellet machine,shoe making machine, troweling machine,etc.

Planetary gear unit                            
Since 2013

――P series planetary gear unit. More and more application fields require huge torque, and we continuously develop to meet market requirements.

Shaft mounted gear unit
Since 2016

――XGC series shaft mounted gear unit.

2019 Move to new factory.

To be continued...