SC series helical-worm geared motor

Item No.: SC series
Type and specification: SC37~SC127

Main Parameter: 
Output speed: 0.1~120rpm 
Output torque: up to 10200Nm 
Motor power: 0.18~37kw 
Input form: directly connected with motor, flange input or shaft input. 
Installation Form: Horizontal, Vertical, 
horizontal type bottom threaded hole, case end face threaded hole installation, 
small flange installation, torque arm installation,
case end face male half coupling installation


Product features:

1. SC series helical-worm gearmotor is the combination transmission structure of helical gears and worm wheels,right angle shaft output and steady running. 
2. Little vibration and low noise, with large transmission ratio,the transmission efficiency is lower than helical gearmotor. 
3. The material of gears is 20CrMnTi alloy steel and the hardness can reach to HRC58°~ 62 after tempering , cementiting , quenching etc. heat treatment. All the gears are processed by accurate grinding and the precision can reach to grade 6~5°. 
4. The products have been mainly used in petrochemical machinery, mine and construction machinery, metallurgy, printing and packaging machinery, etc. 

Fast selection:

Model Shaft Dia.(mm) Center Height 
Output Flange Dia. 
Ratio Permitted Torque
Solid Hollow
SC37 20k6 20 88h13 160/120 0.12~0.55 24~204 100 7.5
SC47 25k6 25/30 100h13 160 0.18~0.75 24~204 150 10
SC57 30k6 30/35 112h13 200 0.75~1.5 24~204 250 13.5
SC67 35k6 40/45 140h13 250/200 0.75~3 24~285 460 27
SC77 45k6 50/60 180h13 300/250 0.75~7.5 24~385 1200 45
SC87 60m6 60/70 225h13 350 1.1~11 24~389 2000 86
SC97 70m6 70/90 280h13 450 1.5~18.5 24~389 3500 150

Remark: the weight without oil and motor, shaft and flange input add 10%.