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Helical Geared Motor

REC series single stage helical gearmotor

Type and specification: REC31~REC101

Main Parameter: 
Output speed: 230~918rpm 
Output torque: up to 900Nm 
Motor power: 0.18~45KW 
Input form: directly connected with motor, flange input or shaft input.
Installation Form: Horizontal or Vertical. 

Product features: 
REC series single stage helical gearmotor is a special type of RC series, which is only made up of 1-stage gear transmission and with small transmission ratio. The performance and feature are as same as RC series.

Fast selection:

Model Shaft Dia. Center Height
Output Flange Dia.
Ratio Permitted Torque
Solid (mm)
REC31 20k6 55h13 160 0.18~1.5 1.58~4.53 50 5
REC41 25k6 70h13 200 0.55~4 1.58~5.53 100 7.5
REC61 25k6 80h13 200 1.1~7.5 1.6~6.63 160 13
REC71 40k6 90h13 250 2.2~15 1.61~6.28 300 22
REC81 45k6 100h13 350 4~22 1.56~6.13 400 33
REC91 50k6 120h13 400 5.5~30 1.62~6.45 600 61
REC101 60m6 140h13 450 11~45 1.6~6.3 850 77

Remark: the weight without oil and motor, shaft and flange input add 10%.


Model expression: